What is a Mansard Loft Conversion in London?

Mansard Loft Conversion

Loft conversions are an intelligent way to make full use of the unused attic space in your home, turning it into practical rooms like bedrooms, offices, or spaces for play and relaxation. In London, where space on the ground is hard to come by, building upwards is often the smartest way to add both value and comfort to your home.

As more and more homeowners look for extra living space, they’re creatively looking upwards to expand their homes. The Mansard loft conversion has become a particularly popular option, standing out for its lovely design and practicality in adding useful space.

What is a Mansard Loft Conversion?

Named after the French architect François Mansart, who popularised this style in the 17th century, a Mansard loft conversion involves altering the structure of a sloped roof to create a nearly vertical wall (70 to 72 degrees) on one side, significantly increasing the available space.

This type of conversion typically extends across the entire length of the house’s roof and is finished with a flat roof on top, thus maximising the internal volume. Mansard loft conversion is suitable for semi detached and terraced houses.

What Does a Mansard Loft Conversion Look Like?

Mansard roof loft conversions are easy to spot from the outside because of their uniquely steep sides, which look almost like they’re adding another floor to the house. Inside, they really open up the space, giving you plenty of room to experiment with different layouts and features, all without that tight, squeezed feeling you get in typical attics.

Additionally, they’re quite adaptable architecturally. You can modify them to blend in seamlessly with your home’s current design. This can be done using matching materials like slate and tile to ensure they look like they’ve always been part of your house.

What is an L-Shaped Mansard Loft Conversion?

Taking the traditional Mansard loft conversion a step further, the L-shaped Mansard is ideal for properties with a back addition or wing. This variation not only adds more room to the main part of your loft but also stretches out over the rear extension.

The result? A spacious, L-shaped area that cleverly makes use of space that’s typically overlooked, particularly in terraced houses. This smart design ensures no part of your property is wasted, making it a popular choice for maximising living space.

Mansard vs Dormer Loft Conversion

While both Mansard and dormer conversions aim to increase the usable space within a loft, they differ significantly in design and outcome. Dormer conversions involve projecting vertical windows from the slope of the roof, creating headroom but with limited floor space expansion.

Mansards, in contrast, offer a substantial increase in both floor and headroom, making them more suitable for homeowners looking to add considerable living space. Aesthetically, Mansards are often considered more attractive and can be designed to enhance the external appearance of a house, whereas dormers may appear more utilitarian.

Cost Effective Mansard Loft Conversions at Doran Bros Construction

Opting for a Mansard loft conversion in London can dramatically alter both the functionality and the value of a property. Whether you choose the classic or the L-shaped Mansard, we are here for you.

Contact us to learn about Mansard loft conversion cost and get a spacious, light-filled addition to your house that transforms your living experience.