Building an extension on your property continues to be a popular wayx

Embarking on a building extension for your home is not a decision to be made lightly. Extensions can be some of the mostly costly and time consuming undertakings for those who are seeking to expand their current living space. Nevertheless, building extensions in South London are the best way to capitalise on any unused garden space, and have the flexibility to incorporate multiple stories into the overall design. For this reason, extensions are the most versatile way to go about remodelling your home. Doran Construction offers quality building extensions in South West London seamlessly integrating contemporary elements into traditional and period structures for an amalgamation of functional aesthetics bringing value to your home.


Types Of Extensions

A single storey side extension is the ground floor extension to the side of your home. Such an extension can be of an existing room


Is My Extensions Suitable

At Doran Bros Construction we understand that it can be difficult to know where to start when you decide to extend your..


Extensions Benefits

Moving home is a time consuming process as well as being very stressful. No one enjoys uprooting their family from their home



House extensions come in a variety styles and specifications depending on your requirements and whether you choose …



Making a decision to build an extension can be a difficult onex

Home owners interested in going about adding a building extension to their home should note that this particular type of construction requires planning permission which will be factored into the building process. Extensions can be constructed over your garage, at the side of your house or as an addition of one or more stories to the existing facade. Our expert builders are well-versed in the language of building extensions and pride themselves on open communication from start to finish, so you know exactly what to expect throughout each stage of construction.

Because we have so much experience in the building industryx

If you’re looking for a building extension in South London, our team at Doran Construction is happy to meet with you at your property and provide a comprehensive overview of your options. Our passion for exceeding client expectations whilst infusing every project with innovative solutions is sure to deliver satisfactory results. Get in touch with our professionals today and execute your building extension in style.

Because we have so much experience in the building industryx

whether you want a side storey extension or a rear extension, we can help steer your building extension project through development and minimise on any compromises so that you end up as close as possible to your original aims.

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