Is My Extension Suitable?x

At Doran Bros Construction we understand that it can be difficult to know where to start when you decide to extend your home, so we have put together some simple tips to help you plan the perfect home extension for your home.

Your first step should be to consider the size, age, location and free space around your property to assess whether your property is suitable for an extension. Remember that properties that are listed or protected may not be able to obtain permission for any changes and you should ALWAYS check with your local authority to make yourself aware special regulations in your area. A home extension is a complex process and you will get the best results by using an architect and/or structural engineer who can draw up your plans and a builder that has enough experience in home extensions.

Think about your budget as you will need to know in advance what you can afford. Make sure you factor in the costs of fixtures and fittings and allow a contingency for any changes that may occur as the project progresses.

Some home extensions will require planning permission from your local authority and this will mean that you need to have detailed plans drawn up by an architect or builder and submit these to your local authority for approval. How the extension looks, the impact on the environment, neighbours and the community and precedents at other properties are all things that will be taken into account by the local authority so make sure that you work alongside your builder/architect to make sure that you have a strong application. Your building project will also need to comply with building regulations and your builder should be fully acquainted with all regulations and will also arrange the required approvals on your behalf.

Be sensitive to the impact your extension may have on your neighbours and make sure you keep them informed of your proposed plan right from the beginning. If you share a wall or boundary with another property you may need to get written consent from your neighbour before starting work.

Doran Bros Construction can advise you on the whole process of building a home extension and can also advise you if your property is suitable for an extension and if so, which type.

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