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What Are The Most Popular Landscaping Ideas For The Front Of Your House?

Landscaping ideas for the front of your house will depend on how much space you have and what you want to use it for. Ideas for landscaping should be an extension of the home and so sometimes, it is best to speak to home remodeling companies rather than garden contractors who have a more limited […]

What Are The Types Of Home Remodeling?

Home remodeling is essential the renovation or restoration of a property to improve its design aesthetic and livability. Remodeling may also see an uplift in value and some home remodeling projects are undertaken purely for that reason. There are lots of different types of remodeling from low key DIY designs to complete changes of the […]

5 Must Have Landscaping Remodels To Consider In 2022

Lots of people think that landscaping is only for grand houses or big gardens but the concept of landscaping remodels for the home is an idea that is being extended to properties of all sizes including apartments. Doran Bros are specialists in landscaping design models and can help with the construction of landscaping remodels and […]

5 Modern Ideas To Add A Loft Conversion To Your Home

Loft conversions have always been popular, they stand the test of time because they are one of the most straightforward and cost effective ways to add more accommodation to your home. Basic loft conversion ideas are possible on a reasonable budget and then the space can be developed further at a later date. Contact Doran […]

What is Landscaping And How Does it Work?

Landscaping a garden in general terms means making an improvement for either aesthetic or practical reasons or both. This can take many different forms depending upon preference, taste and budget. The art or science of landscaping is usually referred to as landscape gardening, but landscaping is also relevant in construction projects to create new buildings […]

How to Add an Extension to Your Existing House

Pressure on living space during the many Covid-19 lockdowns caused some people to revaluate their home layout. If you are looking for extra space for a home office, perhaps you want to start a new business or maybe you just need more room for daily living, then a house extension could add real value to […]

Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Add Extensions?

Adding extensions to your existing property is a smart way of utilising left space or increasing the value of your property. Perhaps these are the primary reasons people choose to add extensions to their place. Having said that, adding extensions to your place instead of buying a property with a similar structure is a cheaper […]

What Type of Loft Conversion is Used in Long Term

Converting a loft into something new requires professional help. That’s because it’s a part of planning the layout of your house by architecturing a structure. That’s why we provide a loft conversion in South London services to help you to convert an abandoned part of your house into a functional area with our efficient planning. […]

What’s the Right Time to Renovate a House?

Renovating a house at the right time is better for you since it can save you from extra expenses, risk of failure, and delay in the renovation. You can make the most of the time and not rush out things when the time is right. However, how do you decide the right time for your […]

Velux Loft conversion: All You Need to Know

While deciding the ideas for your house’s renovation, you can go for Velux loft conversions. That’s because this style of loft conversion works the same as others, but it tends to be cheaper and easier for the architect to design and construct. But first, let’s quickly overview what Velux loft conversion is. What is Velux […]