What Are the Best Double Storey Home Extension Ideas?


Adding double-storey home extension will give you lots of space and can add real value to your home. A double-storey house extension in London is also much more cost-effective than moving to get extra space, which means it is well worth upgrading an existing single-storey home to one with two floors.

Want more tips on double-storey house design ideas? Don’t miss our guide to planning and building a double-storey house extension in London.

Why You Need an Experienced Builder for Your House Extension in London

Before you hire a construction company in South London for your house extension in London make sure they have the expertise and experience in doing home renovations to code. You can count on Doran Bros. Constructions to adhere to all local building codes, so your project isn’t delayed or rejected.  

Our Favourite Double Storey Extension Ideas

When you hire an experienced construction company in South London like Doran Bros. Construction, they will help come up with the best plan for your double-storey house extension in London.

The five most popular double-storey extension ideas are:

Double-Storey Gabled Extension Ideas: A square extension can look dull and uninspired, instead think about introducing a gable end on the upper floor to create a better-looking roofline that still offers plenty of interior space for an extra bedroom or home office.

Double-Storey Basement Ideas: Basement extensions can offer the space you need, but basements tend to lack windows and natural light, so extending down with a glass box extension is the ideal solution.

Double-Storey Rear Extension Ideas: There are a variety of double-storey rear extension ideas that can give you that extra living space you’ve been fantasising about. Typically, there is extra space in the rear of a house that can be utilised in a variety of different ways (extra bedroom, kitchen or living room remodel, etc.).

Double-Storey Side Extension Ideas: If there is extra space on the side of your house, you can use it for the home extension. Side-turn extensions can transform the existing living space and overall interior. If you have double-storey side extension ideas in mind to expand your interior space, Doran Bros. Construction company in South London can help you figure it out.

Why Hire Doran Bros. Construction Company in South London for Your House Extension

Are you ready to get started on your house extension in London? Doran Bros. Construction has the expertise and experience to bring your dream space and home renovation to life – let’s get your project started today!