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The process of loft conversion involves turning empty or unused attic space into a well-designed room.x

Loft conversions in South London are one of the most popular and cost effective ways for a family to go about increasing the space of their existing home. Especially with the financial constraints many families are facing due to the pandemic, moving home simply to gain much needed extra space may not be a feasible option. With many families now permanently finding themselves in work-from-home situations or with distance learning to accommodate, indoor space is certainly at a premium and it must serve to function for the needs of everyone.


Types Of Loft Conversion

Dormer loft conversions are the most common type of loft conversion and it is essentially an extension to your existing roof.


Is My Loft Suitable

When undertaking a loft conversion project the first step is to closely inspect the space in the loft to work out its exact dime…


Loft Conversion Benefits

In the UK loft conversions are one of the most popular forms of home renovation as they have numerous benefits.



At Doran Bros Construction we will manage your loft conversion process from start to finish. Below is a brief summary of the…



Our in-house experts have worked on a wide range of loft conversion projectsx

Loft conversions in South West London have steadily been on the rise for decades, as the property bubble around the nation’s capital has priced out many middle class families from buying. Converting a loft space is the perfect solution to upgrade your existing home with minimal intervention and structural adaptation as a loft conversion is carried out by utilising the space already in existence rather than opting for a fresh construction.

Our in-depth knowledge will help you get the best possible design within the stipulated time.x

One of the best things about deciding to carry out a loft conversion on your home is the peace of mind knowing that most do not require any planning permissions and can be completed with very little disruption to you whilst you go about your daily lives. For professional assessment of your property and quality loft conversions in South West London, trust Doran Construction. Contact us today at no obligation and speak with a member of our experienced team who can help you to decide on how to optimise your living space.

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