At Doran Bros Construction we will manage your loft conversion process from start to finish. Below is a brief summary of the steps we will take to complete your loft conversion.

Our Processx



Initial Visit

We will arrange a viewing of your loft space so that we can discuss your requirements and the options available to you. The dimensions of your loft will be taken and we will then prepare your quotation.



Architect and Structural Engineer

An architect will produce the plans for your conversion and will pass them to the structural engineer who will in turn make drawings and calculations. These will also be supplied to your local council is planning permission is needed. Planning permission and building regulations from your local council can take up to four weeks.



Work Starts

After we have carefully planned and sourced all the required equipment and tools we will start work on your conversion project.



Girders Go In

A scaffolding tower will be built so that the majority of materials and steel can go through the roof. This will keep disruption to your daily home life to a minimum.



Flooring and Support Walls

The new floor joists will be installed and support walls built to the exact specifications of the structural engineer. At this stage a building inspector will need to pay a visit to your property to “pass” the loft before the walls and floors can be covered.




We can fit a staircase that will blend with your current decor.



Velux and Dormer Windows

Depending on the design of your loft conversion and its requirements, Velux windows will be installed. If a dormer has been built we will match the external walls to the existing roof so that there is a natural blend.



Plumbing & Electrics

At this a stage a fully qualified plumber and electrician will be called in to install or adjust the necessary 1st fix wiring and piping, making it ready for finishing during the decorating stage.




The building regulations for insulation are very strict. All insulation will be fitted in accordance with these regulations and will need to be checked and passed by a building inspector before it can be covered up.




The plasterboard that that we use is required by fire regulations and building controls.



Doors, Skirting and Architrave

We understand that the finish of your loft conversion is very important and we do our utmost to match the new materials we use to your existing decor. We will provide you will all the available options when it comes to any new doors you require as there is a limited choice of designs because a loft door has to be a ½ hour fire-door.



Finishing Plumbing and Electrics

When all the electrics work is complete that are inspected and given a certification by a building control officer. If you are having a bathroom suite installed this will also be finished to the highest possible standard. You are also free to choose your own light fittings and we will install these according to your specifications



Flooring & Decorating

Your loft floor will be finished with moisture resistant chipboard and we have experts available who can discuss with you the different flooring finishes available.

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