Is My Loft Suitablex

When undertaking a loft conversion project the first step is to closely inspect the space in the loft to work out its exact dimensions and to establish whether a loft conversion is suitable. You will need to establish whether there is enough space under the ridge of the roof as 2.3 meters is required to allow for enough headroom, although you can still have enough room from as little as 2.1 meters. There must be at least 2 meters clearance above the position of the staircase that will be used to access the loft. The roof will need to be checked for any signs of rainwater entering the roof space and if there are dark stains on the roof rafters then this is sign that rain water is entering. Repairs to the roof are usually part of the loft conversion process when dormers are constructed and roof windows are fitted. The majority of properties are suitable for a loft conversion as long as the minimum height is 2.2 meters.

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