5 Must Have Landscaping Remodels To Consider In 2022

landscape remodel

Lots of people think that landscaping is only for grand houses or big gardens but the concept of landscaping remodels for the home is an idea that is being extended to properties of all sizes including apartments. Doran Bros are specialists in landscaping design models and can help with the construction of landscaping remodels and landscaping remodel ideas for the home.

What are the Benefits of Landscaping?

Landscaping for the home has three key benefits and these are:-

  • It maximises the available space in terms of practicality and function
  • It improves the design aesthetic making the area more appealing visually
  • It will uplift the value of your property

The phrase ‘landscaping remodel’ gives rise to lofty ideas of large spaces and grand designs but what it really means in essence is making the available space, however big it is and regardless of shape, work for you and your home.

There are literally thousands of ideas of remodelling and landscaping online but what they all have in common is a desire to make the space work for that property based around the budget and vision of the owner. Some of the most trending ideas include:-

  • Planting at various levels – use raised beds, decking, potted shrubs and small trees to create a varied landscape even in a small space no matter where your eyeline is
  • Mix materials – stone, granite or wood create a diverse and earthy feel where one area blends into another. Lots of products can be sourced free or cheaply and this is a great opportunity if you are a keen recycler
  • Raised beds – these benefit just about any outdoor space large or small and currently it is fashionable to incorporate raised flower beds into built in seating, also a popular design trend

Landscaping used to be the domain of garden companies but nowadays, these are not always the best organisations to create the vision that you want for your outside space. This is because outdoors is an extension of the home and should flow from it. Doran Bros can help you with landscaping remodel ideas for your home and innovative landscaping design models based on our vast experience in this sector. Doran Bros Construction are experts in the construction of landscaping remodels and have a proud track record of success in landscaping remodels for homes across London.